Thursday, 12 March 2009

Strange MOT test coincidence

I hadn't noticed until now, but in a completely odd coincidence, it appears the two cars in the family, built 11 years apart by different manufacturers, and owned by different family members, have one striking thing in common.

The MOT is due on the same day!

So I'm already preparing justification for keeping the NX on the road, as it will inevitably cost more than the other, more modern car. I also forgot it was coming up, so committed the cardinal sins of not doing basic checks for possible faults, and not giving it a good clean etc to at least give a good impression.

Mainly I forgot because the eletrical problems I had turned out to not be the battery (So I now have a spare battery), but an electrical fault somewhere. Taking out the alternator to test it, and then replacing it, seems to have magically cured it for the moment, but I'm just waiting for it to reappear at the worst possible moment.


BlueTegu said...

I had a really bad ground that was causing all kinds of problems. Dash lights blinking when the brakes/headlights or blinkers where first turned on. Turns out the cars are known (made friends with a Nissan Service guy/NX owner) for bad grounds on the alts ... I cleaned mine with white toothpaste and a wire brush 3 months ago ... no problems yet.

Dan Thornton said...

Cheers for the comment and helpful tip....I didn't realise toothpaste came in useful for fixing cars as well as teeth!