Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Nissan parts and spares shopping list grows

Today was fairly sunny, so I took the chance to drag a colleague (and ex-car mechanic) out in the NX for a drive to see what might need some work. It's always good to have a second opinion.

So in addition to replacing the door handle shield my girlfriend managed to dislodge (I suspect it was loosened when the interior was replaced), I now have a little more a shopping list:

  • Nissan 100NX handbrake lever. (the ratchet appears to be knackered and works intermittently)
  • Nissan 100NX front grill/mesh. (Just noticed a big gaping hole in front of the radiator - one big stone and in could be curtain!)
  • Replace cracked front left headlight
  • And possibly the biggie. A replacement carb for the stock Nissan Nikki carb. The car has had a bit of hesitancy since I got it, and I suspected fuel starvation or spark plugs. But the more I read up on the 100NX, the more I realise it's likely to be the carb. Knackers.
  • Oh, and a tax disc holder to replace the BBC local radio station one currently in place...:)
So with a baby on the way, and a busy job, that should be enough for starters!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Classic Nissan timing...

Well, I've found a typically stupid way of celebrating the creation of Nissan NX World.

I took the 100NX shopping with the girlfriend for the first time, as the bootspace is a bit easier than our other car (a Fiat Panda). All went fine, aside from the door handle surround coming off when my girlfriend tried to get out at the supermarket!

And as much as I tried to lay the blame on her to trick her into buying me some new bits, it was probably my fault for not fixing it when I first noticed it - although to be fair, there are some more pressing issues around the handbrake, clutch and timing etc that probably need attention first.

I just hope the weather gets better so I can get some work done...

Saturday, 19 April 2008

The start of Nissan NX World

Hello and welcome to the Nissan NX World website, blog and forum - dedicated to the Nissan range of NX cars.

The Nissan NX range was essentially a Nissan B13 Sentra or Sunny with a different bodyshella nd styling, resulting in the Nissan NX1600/2000 (America), the Nissan 100NX (Europe), and the NX Coupe (Japan).

And the reason for starting this resource? Just to compile all the information relating to my new car in one place, and find some like-minded Nissan NX owners. Ultimately building up the best reference for any Nissan NX owner.

And yes, you might have spotted that I'm the proud new owner of a 1993 Nissan 100NX, with the 1.6 carburetted engine, and T-bar roof. It's got a pretty interesting history I'll be sharing soon, along with plenty of pictures.