Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Replacing a flat battery on the Nissan 100NX

It seems like only yesterday that I was getting the alternator repaired on the Nissan, but last week when I turned the ignition key, nothing happened.
I assumed the alternator might have packed up again, but due to the winter evenings and an early start for work I charged and replaced the battery the night before I intended to use the car.
And when I sat in the NX the next morning, only the clock was faintly working.

So I had to assume the battery had died. Great timing! Luckily the Halfords website actually lists the Nissan 100NX in the list of batteries it carries, so I've picked up and fitted a Halfords Calcium Battery HCB005. I did turn down their kind offer to fit it for £4.99, thinking that even I can wield a 10mm spanner - and it'd cost me more to get the car there!

For the record, the steps are pretty easy to replace a battery - it's a five minute job.

Using a 10mm spanner, loosen the negative terminal first, remove the retaining metal bar, and remove the positive terminal last.

Take the battery out, put new one in.

Attach the positive terminal first, and the negative terminal last.

Job done.

(Disposing of a car battery means a trip to your local tip - although a sign in Halfords did say they also dispose of them. Best to be careful, bearing in mind they contain acid.)