Saturday, 23 August 2008

The evolution of my NX continues

I've been incredibly busy recently, but it's given me time to come up with a realistic plan for the NX.

I'm never going to have a show-winning concours conditions car all the time I use it as a daily driver, and don't have access to a garage.

I can, however, have a car which is fairly quick and reliable, increasingly unusual, and shaped to my tastes.

So I'm planning some changes shortly. The first plan is to see if I can cure the problems with the NX running rough under acceleration by sorting the stock Nissin carb. If that fails, then it's time for a Weber.

Then after that, it's about tackling any rust, and also starting to unleash the free power of any car, by getting it as light as possible...

Just have to hope it stops raining for a couple of days....

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