Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Nissan parts and spares shopping list grows

Today was fairly sunny, so I took the chance to drag a colleague (and ex-car mechanic) out in the NX for a drive to see what might need some work. It's always good to have a second opinion.

So in addition to replacing the door handle shield my girlfriend managed to dislodge (I suspect it was loosened when the interior was replaced), I now have a little more a shopping list:

  • Nissan 100NX handbrake lever. (the ratchet appears to be knackered and works intermittently)
  • Nissan 100NX front grill/mesh. (Just noticed a big gaping hole in front of the radiator - one big stone and in could be curtain!)
  • Replace cracked front left headlight
  • And possibly the biggie. A replacement carb for the stock Nissan Nikki carb. The car has had a bit of hesitancy since I got it, and I suspected fuel starvation or spark plugs. But the more I read up on the 100NX, the more I realise it's likely to be the carb. Knackers.
  • Oh, and a tax disc holder to replace the BBC local radio station one currently in place...:)
So with a baby on the way, and a busy job, that should be enough for starters!

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