Thursday, 21 October 2010

Looking at some Nissan NX's on ebay...

Given that I've had a non-running Nissan NX 100 on my drive for over a year, it may seem slightly silly, but I can't stop myself thinking about picking one up with is fully MOT'd and taxed to use as a daily car again..
So a quick look at eBay looks promising:
I'm discounting anything from a garage or that's over £1,500 - an instant way to lose money considering the resale value of the under-rated and under-appreciated NX. Here's a handy price guide for the Nissan NX.
But I have spotted a couple of reasonable options on eBay at the moment:

1. A 1993 Black 1.6 with 5 previous owners starting at £650. It's a 5-speed manual with roof covers and sun blocks (which people normally lose early on).

2. A 1992 Red 1.6 5-speed at £595. Surprisingly this is actual via a garage, but the explanation is that it's a part-ex to clear.

Now all I can do is hope one of you takes a look and busy them before my willpower gives way...

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SilentDog said...


I own an NX with T-top and in the process of rebuilding. The car is still good in terms of its mechanism.

I contemplated almost an year before actually doing anything about it.

The body is corroded and need to replace the weather seals and roof seals including all rubber beadings. Do you have any idea where I can buy these from?

and good luck with your nx rebuilding