Monday, 21 September 2009

Not often you see a Nissan NX 100 go rallying

I'd heard of people racing Nissan NX 100s in various Tarmac events, but I hadn't seen any rally examples until now.

The pictures are copyright protected on Flickr so I can't embed them, but there's a rally NX here, here and here. It looks like it's driven by João Luis Palma & Luis José Maldonado, and Joao seems to be a fairly frequent racer. Sadly I can't translate any of the reports...

Spookily enough I'd just been on a short holiday, and took the chance to do some rally driving in a Peugeot 205 - maybe someone is trying to tell me something!

Anyone else got any unusual NX motorsport pictures? Spotted one going ice-racing?


manx said...

Hello! Sorry my English! I'm João Luís Palma. It's true there's a 100nx in rally, in Portugal, in South rally's (I think is "unique" in the world). He's an original power, has 88 cv and the nearest car in competition has 50/60 cv more. In 2009 in Regional Championship of South was 8º in general classification, 3.º in two wheels traccion and 3.º in is class (untill 1600 c.c.). In 2010, it wasn't in championship competition but has participate in a Regional Trophee were's 3º in 2 wheels and 1º in is class.
2011 be will an uncertanly competition year.
Have a good 2011.

jamie said...

Not that I'm a pro rally driver or actually won any real competitions but I felt the need to comment. just yesterday i took my nx for a little rally drive, with only a lowered suspension upgrade you can imagine it wasnt record braking but it was so much fun gliding around on sand and extremely loose gravel, i regret not taking any pictures but it does give me reason to do it some more!!