Sunday, 12 October 2008

My unloved NX...

I've been quite rubbish, and not really done anything with the NX - in fact I'm finding it hard to find time to even wash it at the moment!

But I've had some encouragement - in the last few days I've seen not one, but two Nissan NXs driving around the local area. Both look standard, but both also looked far cleaner and more loved than mine at the moment - a definite incentive to get the sponges and car shampoo out!

It seemed weird to see such as unusual car twice in one week - but the benefit of owning a car like mine is that you tend to spot any other owners instantly - which you wouldn't in a more normal car!

Hopefully I'll get out and give the NX some cleaning this week - I'm using Autoglym car products at the moment, so I'll let you know how they perform...

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